A Nation watching with interest….Scotland

All eyes in Ireland look to the East

Scotland's people wake up to either an independent country, or handcuffed to England as per usual.
Scotland’s people wake up to either an independent country, or handcuffed to England as per usual.Nationalists on the island of Ireland, particularly in the North, will see it either as cause for concern if they vote to stay on the UK, or will see it as further incentive to pursue the same result.


Scotland is less than 20 miles away from the nearest point in Ireland, the Co.Antrim Coast. We watch with much interest as our Celtic cousins exercise their votes to either stay in the UK, or go it alone as an independent country.

The notion of an independent state is a romantic one when considered flippantly. But given considered thought on all the consequences that result from the chosen exile, and you begin to see why it’s divided the country.

A romantic notion never paid the bills after all. I’m quite sure that the good people of Belfast would not like the idea of paying £65.00 (or Euro as it would be), every time they visited the doctors for example? Or having to shell out hundreds on new school books every year for their children?

One wonders if the Protestants of the North could stomach the loss of their beloved British nationality? Perhaps they could keep it? No that would never work as it would need to be one Nation, one people, one nationality.

They would (probably) benefit from more success on the soccer front though. One Irish football team picked from the full crop available to it. Yip, it would bring our rankings up at least two places I imagine!

Speaking of football. How would the famous Glasgow Celtic FC view a Yes vote? That would surely end their everlasting quest for entry into the English premiership would it not?

There would be no way for a totally un-associated country to enter their football leagues I would think.



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