Free music…yes…

I’ll take it thanks.

An invasion of privacy?  Cheap publicity stunt? Seriously guys…wise up!

These are the types of people who complain about the price of CDs, concert tickets, merchandise and anything else that is put out there by the rich and famous. ‘Rich’ by the way is just short for very successful.  These are the people who say things like “I liked U2 in their younger years when they weren’t so commercial”. ‘Commercial’  by the way is just short for successful.

These are the people who say the GAA has ‘sold us out’ because they struck a deal with SKY Sports to show GAA football and hurling matches. RTE have been presenting to us locals in the same old fashioned way since they went to using round balls! It’s boring to the last.  Think about all those people around the world who have been denied The chance to watch two of the best sports in the world. Kerry and Donegal gave viewers a show of good sport yesterday.

I say yes to charging the music companies, computer giants and TV companies for the privilege of  dispatching the results of hard working artists in Ireland. 99% of which are not ‘successful’ or ‘commercial’ yet! Musicians and artist deserve to get paid for their work. We deserve to get it for free. The large corporations will get their worth from us in the long run anyway.

All music should be paid for this way to support new acts coming through. And not the ones on ‘X-Factor’ or ‘Ireland’s got talent’.

I say yes to promotion of Irish sport around the world. I also say yes to the GAA going professional by the way.

So to end with:

Bono, if you are speaking to Matt Berninger, tell him he can send the entire back catalogue from ‘The National’ straight to my iPad :)


Driving into Dublin from Belfast at Dawn in a Winter.
Driving into Dublin from Belfast under a Blood Red Sky

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