Loving Spain

It’s official…we Irish love Spain.

My Dad's fantastic homage to Espana in his garden.
My Dad’s fantastic homage to Espana in his garden.Daleks included or some reason?

Yip, it’s the most accessible bit of sun that we can find within 3 hours flight time. It was the first foreign family holiday for a fair few Irish kids, those same kids probably went to Santa Ponsa for their first ‘Boy’s’ or ‘Girl’s’ holiday at 18 years old. So much so that it was christened ‘Paddy Ponsa’.

Oh yes, that first ‘lad’s only’ holiday was a great moment in any teenager’s life time line. Your first real free pass from your parents. “Of course we won’t do anything crazy , stupid or down-right dumb”? (Well what they don’t know won’t hurt them). But if my two boy’s do anything  remotely similar I’ll kill them! On the plus side, at least they’re boys and I can relate to that. I couldn’t cope with my daughters  going to today’s equivalent of Paddy Ponsa.

I took with me the following essential phrases: “Dame un Baso” (Give me a kiss), and “Te Quiero muchisimo” ( I love you very much). Enough said!

Another draw for boy’s is the legendary football (soccer) teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is truly one of the ‘must see before I die’ things for anyone with any notion of European culture. I mean, when are you ever going to get the chance to be in the crowd of 100,000 people in a Colosseum. One word of warning though..watch your valuables in Barcelona. They have the most sophisticated pick-pockets o the planet!

Doctor who fans would appreciate this art!
Doctor who fans would appreciate this art!