An American Idiot at work!

Someone please tell me that not all Americans’ are this stupid!

American tourists wondering what all the blue wet stuff is?
Squawkbox anchors in Ireland, probably wondering what all the blue wet stuff is?

And we thought that Business shows consisted of boring old farts talking a load of figures. Apparently CNBC’s ‘@Squawkbox does things a bit differently. (Watch and laugh)

If you haven’t seen it, please watch this American idiot at work…you will cringe with laughter at the increasingly strange interview by Squawkbox co-anchor Joe Kernan,with IDA IRELAND’S chief executive Martin Shanahan.

So for Joe’s benefit: Irish success in the golf world is not down to tax policy. Ireland is not part of England, or Scotland for that matter. Ireland is an island on its own. It is in the continent of Europe…which would you believe.. is not an island!

Come on my smarter American friends…you are better than this clown. Get him off your screens and send him back to that famous Canadian island of Alaska where he can learn to speak proper Euro :)









7 thoughts on “An American Idiot at work!

  1. I’m not so much amazed by his lack of common knowledge as his ignorant insistence. How do you tell someone from another country what kind of currency they use, and furthermore, why would you ever, ever question them when they corrected you?
    In reply to his “That is too confusing.” I couldn’t agree more, sir…about the fact that you got a job representing America on TV.


  2. The news media seem too worried about ratings and politics instead of factual reporting, even local news seem to just run with whatever they are told instead of researching or investigating the facts. American and it’s people are like what “I” presume others countries are like, you have your full time idoits (unfortunately most seem to be in politics) and then you have the rest of us who have our moments and are on rare occasion
    idoits, but don’t make a habit of it.

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  3. I had to re-post this. I am embarrassed that these people got their jobs and find it even more distressing that after such idiocy, somehow they keep them. Martin Shanahan showed such grace and restraint when confronted by two “gentlemen” who should be experts on global economics and in turn have at, the very least, a tacit knowledge of 20th Century European Political History but have that come out of their mouths in such a smug manor. I cannot laugh: I am horrified.

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    1. I doubt that you would find this human bearable. The Irish media had a field-day with it. Fear-not my friend…embarrassment soon turns to laughter! Even we Irish can laugh at ourselves sometimes. :) thanks for reading my blog. Steve

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  4. Wow.. not only a bad representative of Americans, but a poor reporter/anchor as well (speaking as a media professional myself). He totally derailed the interview, making himself look stupid and wasting air time. At least the other two reporters tried to get things back on track, so that should indicate we’re not all this bad.

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