..to ward off bad luck”.

Ever wondered where the phrase came from? Trees have always been part of the worlds mythology. Ireland has its own symbols and mythology associated with forests. The Celts touched trees as they believed that they warded off evil spirits.

To the ancient Irish, and indeed into recent Irish history, certain trees had certain powers. Oak and Hazel for example were associated with knowledge. Others like Ash warded off  evil and offered protection. Hawthorn was good luck on your land, and bad luck if you cut it down!

I wonder on whom the bad luck would fall if you cut your neighbour’s hawthorn down?

Any way, this is a shot I took last week up in ‘Davagh’ Forest Park, Co.Tyrone in the Northern Provence of Ulster. It’s a hidden gem that has several fantastic mountain bike trails to test your physical stamina. It’s got everything you want from a forest, trees, river, mountains (The Sperrins) and trails.


Enchanted Irish forest high in the Sperrins of Antrim.
Enchanted Irish forest high in the Sperrins of Antrim.