‘Storm’ in a tea cup!

Proof if needed that our Weimaraner pup ‘Storm’ used to have good table manners!


His head wouldn’t fit in a tea cup now, and he is head and shoulders above the table too.                                     With the first frosts oimagef winter replacing the morning dew, it may be time to bring the dogs in from the cold. Not that our winters are too harsh mind you. We are not talking sub-zero temperatures for months on end, but snow is bound to make an appearance at some stage and they aren’t Huskeys.



Our twelve year old Bassett Hound ‘Archie’ has a good thick coat on him, but young ‘Storm’ doesn’t dress so appropriately. Both are more comfortable in front of the fire, on our good mat on the living room floor apparently. Ah well, only three months until Spring time!!!




2 thoughts on “‘Storm’ in a tea cup!

  1. We are facing the opposite problem here in Sydney, Australia…bringing the dogs inside into the air-conditioned lounge room to get away from the 40 degree (some days) heat. We are thinking about getting our border collie Bilbo a bit of a haircut. His coat really is better suited to Scotland. Lady’s coat is much more manageable.
    I should also point out that the heat has turned shedding into something of an extreme sport. Our carpet is turning black.\


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