Wild horses…a wonderful shame!

The onset of winter is fast approaching, and the first frosts are greeting us in place of the morning dew. It may well be time to bring the animals in from the cold.

'Shadow' runs at first frost.
‘Shadow’ runs at first frost.

Our neighbour’s horses and donkey don’t seem to mind the drop in temperatures though as they gallop freely in the surrounding fields where they are well looked after. Co.Down has one of the highest horse populations in all of Ireland. There are few animals more elegant than the horse.

It pains me to see so many of these wonderful creatures left to their own devices in the suburbs and run-down inner city housing developments in towns across Ireland.

They don’t belong in cities, rummaging through trampled blades of grass, in between the trash left behind by local youths. Many of whom are jobless and have no sense of belonging themselves!

This is not the side of Ireland we can be proud of.




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