We walk quicker past the homeless…why.. can’t we hear them?

Homeless and Mute?
Homeless and Mute?

It’s a sad day when a homeless man of 43 years old can die living on the streets of our capital city. Even worse that it was just a few doors from the Irish Parliament.

It was particularly cold last night. A lot of us, lucky enough to have happy homes, should be feeling quite cold in the knowledge that we have all walked quickly past someone sleeping rough.

He was just one of 163 known adults sleeping rough tonight in Dublin.  Th,ere are also 800 children living in emergency accommodation and hotels!  It’s happening in every major city in the world. The reasons are complicated and sad.

Sadder still is the fact that the poor man who died last night actually refused help and temporary accommodation on several occasions…preferring the cold stone steps of a doorway.

Ireland2day can do better, especially at Christmas!