Tablet for boredom please!

Sitting in my weekly hotel room somewhere in Ireland…..listening to a deep Atlantic depression raging outside, one that has been described by the meteorologists as a ‘Weather-bomb’?

I find myself suffering from an emotional state, often experienced when an individual has nothing in particular to do. Wikipedia tells me that’s called boredom…I would never have guessed!


Not even my trusty iPad can entertain me. But how hotels in Ireland have changed over the years. They really were shit poor in some towns. I got a reminder of this last month when my regular 4* hotel (at a very reasonable cost) was fully booked due to a local concert. I had to break rule number one – don’t stay anywhere with ‘welcome’ in the name!

Yip, I  stayed in ‘The Welcome Inn’. From the outside it looked ok, sort of ‘Tudor-Style’. I knew as soon as I walked in that it was not the ‘Ritz’!

No Wi-Fi, only four tv channels, paper-thin walls, creaky floorboards, advertisements everywhere for bachelor  and hen parties and wait for it…a real old-fashioned metal key! That’s the difference between €49 and €79 (Euro).

I nearly broke my rule number two– “No drinking whilst away with work”.

Weather bomb indeed!
Weather bomb indeed!

But I suffered on and went for a long walk with my trusty camera.

That’s rule number three– When not happy with your indoor environment…take a walk..and bring your camera!

There is always something that will catch your eye if you can get outside. But for tonight due to the wind and rain it’s…do a bit if work, watch the football game, order a pizza to the hotel, check on the wife and kids back home and get some sleep.

Christmas can’t come quick enough for this Santa.

So tomorrow I’ll view the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast one last time for this year, before heading back to the east coast in time for the forecasted snow on Friday.

Next week it’s a flight across the Irish sea to England for end-of year sales meetings with the company. Then it’s Ho..Ho..Ho time!!!

Is there an off button?
Is there an off button?





One thought on “Tablet for boredom please!

  1. Your expressions have me giggling and not noting boredom from you at all! I did not drop, whack or stir too hard the cocoa into the sugar this year and ‘paint’ my kitchen with it!


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