The Irish Robin is a much smaller bird  than its North American counterpart. One pair in every garden and even more than that around Christmas for some reason. They are on postcards and adverts as the only bird to rival a turkey in the popularity stakes at this time of year…and we don’t even eat them!

European Robin
European Robin

I’ve spotted a few nice birds around the country, and one very ugly one that surprised me. Surprised only that it was on an inland salmon river and not on the coast. It cut a strange shape gliding past Santa Clause in the windows in Co.Mayo. This my friends is the ‘Cormorant’. This sturdy diver definitely fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. How he ever attracted a mate I don’t know. Well actually I do…the female is just as ugly!

Male Shag, fell from the ugly tree!
Male Cormorant, fell from the ugly tree!
Christmas shag anyone?
Santa fly-past