Out of the darkness

Winter Solstice …the end of dark’s dominance over light here in Ireland.

Winter calm.
Winter calm looking south last week.

22nd December is fast approaching and I can’t wait to start adding minutes to the days again. The 4pm sunset time makes winter seem longer I feel. The low level of the sun does cast some special glows over the land at this time of year though, especially over water. Ireland has many rivers and lakes that can offer great natural beauty shots.

Pontoon bridge offers just such wonders, and they can change in a minute with the weather. The lakes to the south offer calm tranquillity for fishermen and wildlife. Walk a mile along the same road and look over the lakes to the north, and you are greeted to ‘White Horses’ as the snow capped mountains divert strong winds across the freezing cold waters. I took both shots the same day about an hour apart.

This is the mountain known as Nephin. It stands at 2646 feet and is the second highest in Co.Mayo. Ask  a child to draw a mountain and this is probably what they would draw.

‘Nephin’ throwing white waves of wind towards me.




7 thoughts on “Out of the darkness

    1. Honestly, I stood there for quite a while watching the wind bringing huge pulses of spray towards me. It was so impressive. There are many stories from this part of Ireland. Many sad. But the people are magic! Thanks for your kind words.


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