Last of the magic…I fear

Is this it?  The end of my last throw-back to my early childhood?

Our six-year-old turns seven in three weeks. This week he waits eagerly on the arrival by sleigh, of a big fat guy with a beard from the North Pole. Yes, the magic still remains for this little one. His older brother was told the ‘un-tellable‘ when he was seven, by some know-it-all in school.

That was it for him… and us. The magic turned to dust. Commercial deception and influence, accompanied by a fair bit of financial consideration and awareness, replaced the dreams of our first-born. Tizz a pity.

Looking north for last time!
Looking north for Santa…one last time!

We as adults love Christmas because it allows us to reminisce on times gone bye, and never to be regained. I remember believing. I remember the Disney films. I remember it never being as good when I was told.

The magic is temporarily retrieved by the thoughts that our kids are looking to the skies in anticipation of the magic we once knew. The role of Santa is magical in itself…believe me. When it goes with our seven-year old, I fear that the financial strains we go through to make it magical, won’t ever be worth it again. Tizz more a pity.

I will enjoy this one!

Merry Christmas to all the present, and former Santa’s out there.



2 thoughts on “Last of the magic…I fear

  1. I believe! I believe in magic. I believe in fairy dust. In leprechauns. In horses that can fly. Dogs that can speak. In enchanted forests. I believe in Santa Claus. Because you can not see it is no reason to believe. How can one exist if you don’t simply believe. Virginia

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    1. Glad that the magic is still with you! I would hold off on the ‘Leprechaun’s’ though, I have it on good authority that they don’t exist. (A smurf told me) :) Thanks for reading. Steve


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