Religious nuts and political fanatics…Ireland today?

When someone dies they say “God has other plans for him/her”, or “it was God’s will”. I always thought that it was very unfair to give this God all the credit for the good things that happen daily, but not the blame for the bad. I mean, did God’s plans involve instructing that car to run over that person because he had work for them in heaven?

Sink or swim for Irish Catholics?
Sink or swim for Irish Catholics?

Or when a child dies they would say that “God obviously needed another angel”, and that made it all fine??? Well to me that just suggests that these good Christians are comfortable with human sacrifices to their God. I don’t buy it.

I also find it unbearable to go to church to listen to men in dresses tell all about love, family rights and wrongs, and when to sit down, stand up, kneel, and prey now! These men who are forbidden to love a woman , or a man for that matter. These men who are only married to the church. These men who are being found out to have been abusing their trusted position in our society for decades.

I and most of my closest friends were brought up Catholics in Ireland. Out of a group of say, twenty people, I know of only one who actually goes to church regularly  outside of weddings and funerals. Two are openly Athiest, one had a Humanist wedding, four are divorced, and the rest could not care less about the church.

I’m not going to say that all church-going people in Ireland are gullible, brainwashed sheep happily walking to the slaughter. They aren’t, well not all of them. Some are just looking for some guidance in life. Others are looking for answers because they were promised that the church is where they will find them. Others are just there to say that they were there.

I’m not going to say that the church in Ireland is finished. It’s not. It’s just not going to be taken on face value anymore. It needs to provide actual answers for those who do still ask questions of it. Those who still believe deserve more, whether they realise it or not. It needs to kneel before society and ask forgiveness for the lies and deceit it has spread over the years.

Ireland today has changed. Religion has caused much harm in this small country and around the world. I am of the generation that has stood back and said “This is just not adding up”.

If you need your God, I am never going to tell you that you are wrong. Please don’t tell me that I need one. I know what is right and wrong. I have a conscience. That is where my guidance comes from.

I also used to believe in Santa. He never let me down you know. And when I realised that he didn’t exist I didn’t hate those that told me he did.

I’ll just continue to  follow my conscience and apologise  if I offend anyone. Offending has never been my strong point.


What you see is up to you.
What you see is up to you.