The frost never lifted yesterday…

The huge trees that surround our house provide cover for the furry creatures during the summer, but in winter things are very different! You can count the shadows dancing from branch to branch. Some feathered and some furred. There is usually an eerie quite before he strikes…

No hiding place from stealth attack!
No hiding place from stealth attack!

By the time the Rooks and Ravens know what’s happening, the Buzzards have taken their victim. They are very stealthy hunters these ones. One usually appears from nowhere before screaming it’s piercing cry just above the tree-line sending the crows into panic mode. As all the critters of the trees look to the massive bird of prey above them, his mate attacks from beneath them all.

It’s usually a nest raid in the spring time, but in winter it’s ‘Squirrel delight’.

1-IMG_2283As the unsuspecting import from America (The Grey Squirrel) is clutched from its Perch, the ‘crow squadron’ is regrouping and concentrating on the first bird of prey.

The second slips away with prize in talons.

Another event of nature unfolds in the woods of Ireland today.


Beware the sound of silence in the woods!

'Decoy Buzzard' makes itself visible from above.
‘Decoy Buzzard’ makes itself visible from above.