SuperKIDDing ourselves?

Apparently they have ‘Super human powers’… but are so ‘Super sensitive’.

"I have the power"!!!
“I have the power”!!!

I’m nearing the end of my two-week break, and the two boys are in need of some sort of routine again (as am I). They have made us laugh, shout, and cry. As well as be proud and worried all in the space of ten days or so.

They can act so grown-up, even at nine and seven, but all of a sudden become the babies that they will always be to us parents. At dinner I listened to my eldest boy explain how it would have made more sense to release the three ‘Hobbit‘ films in one go instead of spacing them out and making it hard for people to remember what happened in the last film.

Then he then went on to explain how a plane could crash into the ocean in bad weather and how the black box was so important.

Treasure at the end indeed!
Treasure at the end indeed!

Later that night the same boy would be whimpering inconsolably in bed looking at the photograph of the pet dog we lost two years back.

When you consider that the boy witnessed the death of multiple ‘Orcs’ in the hobbit film, the news reels showing the missing flight in Indonesia, and the opening scene in our family movieGuardians of the Galaxy‘ (a boy’s mum dies of cancer in front of him), the kid’s brain must be in overdrive.

Making sense of this world, be it reality or fantasy, must be very hard for kids these days. Kids of IRELAND2DAY are no exception.




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