With every shot taken, there must be a story, emotion or atmosphere to be captured…

Lonesome boat on a Mayo lake.
Lonesome boat on a Mayo lake.

Sometimes that emotion can only be appreciated in the mind of the photographer. You can’t really capture the sound of the wind, the birds in the trees, or perhaps the kids laughing in the background, with just a snap shot. There might be a motorway right next to it out of shot, the viewer can’t know.

Take this shot for example. It was taken during the Autumn last year when I was travelling through Co.Mayo in the west of Ireland. It’s nice. It’s colourful. But you don’t know why I picked that spot to have a break from driving.

I could even say something poetic about it like;

“The water was like a sheet of glass. Put there only to remind you that there was also a moody sky above it. The birds sang to remind you that it was not mankind’s beauty to claim as its own. I needed somewhere to calm my thoughts. This lake would do just that. I could continue my journey home.”

Don’t just take my word for it…click on this short video . It may give you the emotion behind the shot.

Hope you see what I did.  :) steVe