Funny how Ireland is mostly void of any Dinosaur or reptile fossils isn’t it?

Beware the mighty 'Carraco' bird in my back garden.
Beware the mighty ‘Turaco Dino’ in my back garden.

With the notable exception of the remains of a single ‘Scelidosaurus’ on the North East Coast…there have been none, nada and zilch.

The ‘Jurassic footprint’ found on the island of Valencia off the far southern coast just adds to my suspicion that we were only used as a green stepping stone by Dino’s travelling from what is now North America, to Europe.

Indeed the ‘Irish Dino’ lived about 200 million years ago when the great ‘Super continent’ known as Pangaea, was breaking up. What are now Ireland and Britain, must have acted as a bridge between the two separating continents. Strange that Britain has found many fossils and we haven’t.

They say that the evolution of birds started in the Jurassic period, derived from a clad of dinosaurs known as Paraves.

Ah well…the birds will have to do I guess, but even they are green!