Walking with ghost?

I’m not often spooked, but…

Did you hear that?

I guess when you climb over a barbed wire fence to enter an old, stone, derelict, and to be honest, spooky looking ruin…things might happen!

We set off just after sunrise last Sunday morning. The icy lanes and snow filled fields provided the perfect backdrop to a beautiful, wind-free morning walk. The occasional croak from a pheasant would briefly disturb the peace. But apart from that, all was as calm as the waters on the lake.

I decided that my Weimaraner ‘Storm’ and I would take a new route today. A friend told me that there might be a few opportunities for a snapshot or two if I took the slight diversion further into the foothills of Co.Down.

After a few miles we came across this old stone ruin. Barbed wire tied the rusted iron gates closed, but a I was drawn in regardless. Storm easily hopped the fence and I followed…with all the grace and dignity of an elephant on roller skates!

I took this photograph, focusing on the ancient rock in the foreground as I was intrigued by the metal protruding from it. It suggesting to me that it played an important part of the dwelling’s make up. Storm on one side, and an open doorway to the other.

Just as I took the shot I heard what sounded like footsteps to my left. I heard snow falling from the trees all morning so I distinguished the difference between them immediately.

Given that we had to climb a fence to get to the ruins…I’m pretty sure we would have noticed someone!

A little place of history just got a lot more interesting from that moment on.

An intriguing and unsolved moment from Ireland.




5 thoughts on “Walking with ghost?

  1. One has to walk in those shoes to believe whether it is true or not. Let the writer tell the story and decide for oneself. Colorfully described as in: with all the grace and dignity of an elephant on roller skates! Nicely penned.

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