Wheel’s end…

Usefulness may have  limits…but intrigue prevails!



An impromptu car graveyard in a field in Ireland. The remains cut a striking contrast in the snowy landscape that formed it’s final resting place.

If inanimate objects could share their stories…



2 thoughts on “Wheel’s end…

  1. Steve, your photo reminds me of when I was exploring the rocky headland at Whale beach, Sydney where I came across the rusty remains of a car. I was about 19 at the time and a uni student, poet, lover of photography and a good tale of romantic angst. Turned out that a nurse had been dumped by her fiance and drove over the headland onto the rocks,taking her own life. I think I might have even tried writing a short story from her perspective at the time. That was 20 years ago now and I wonder what if anything of that car still remains. I’m staying near Whale Beach at the moment and am tempted to have a look but my broken foot is still recovering. Tempting to send the kids on an expedition. They would love the project.
    I wonder what stories your photo tells? Ireland is so rich in history and so many tales.
    Love a bit of intrigue!!
    xx Rowena

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