Bent and violently twisted, the winter-gripped tree branches surround the old stone cottage as if it were nature’s trophy over mankind.


Come the Irish springtime and the old cottage will disappear from prying eyes again.

Dark and haunted will give way to lush and green as the months roll on. The spring never fails to deliver in Ireland…unlike the summers which can often arrive with unfulfilled promises.

(This shot was taken about 2 miles from where I live)





6 thoughts on “Winterfell

  1. The gnarled trunks and corkscrewing branches of trees are intriguing and mysterious; never more so than in the Land of the Little People. I spent almost eight years in that wonderland when my late husband was studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. We spent as much time as we could exploring the countryside – even as far west as The Seven Pins and the lakes of Killarney – but typically, it was pouring with rain. However, the Emerald Isle lived up to its name – as did the hospitality of its people.

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