under the shadows of giants?

Harland & Wolfe shipyard in Belfast
Harland & Wolfe shipyard in Belfast

New York has its Empire State Building, Sydney has the Opera House, Toronto the CN Tower.

Belfast’s skyline is dominated by two giant cranes known as Samson & Goliath. To some a long-standing ¬†representation of the recognition the historical shipyard brought to the docks of the city. The one that built the Titanic (Yes…the one that was unsinkable).

Others see them as a sad reflection of a tainted history when only those with the right name, which in Belfast meant the right religion, could set foot in the bigoted grounds of the ship yard, or indeed have a job at all…anywhere!

Me, I look at them and recognise all of the above. They’re not pretty, and on reflection not that tall either. But they do grace our skyline and they do represent part of our troubled past, and more importantly…how far we’ve come.

I’ve learnt to live with them I guess.

Maybe they’re why I don’t believe in Giants?






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