How to balance ‘Apples’

You will need the following:


1 x Bored blogger

1 x Boutique-style hotel room

1 x Rainy winter day in Ireland

1 x Green Apple (It’s reflection on the iPad giving the illusion that the model’s head is going through it)

1 x iPad

1 x Photography magazine

(The article features a famous image by Bob Carlos Clarke, ‘Black is my True Love’s Heart’ 1985)

Hope you like the shot anyway…steVe








10 thoughts on “How to balance ‘Apples’

  1. This a great shot. Well done on the positioning as it makes the image complete. It is amazing what inspiration you can find around the house or in your case a room. All too often I used to think horrendous weather meant no photography, now I just think it means no outdoor photography.

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  2. It is interesting and not the kind of interesting one might say to one’s children. I wonder if you had to fiddle with things(arrange/pose) to get this or if it was just a present of your noticing?


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