The Dark Knight rises…


Ravens, Rooks and Jackdaws rise from within.
Ravens, Rooks and Jackdaws rise from within.

Having just delved into the history of Duckett Grove Castle as a result of my unplanned visit, I must warn youmy next post will contain a fascinating history, images from within, and tales of revolution and the paranormal that would have made me think twice about getting these shots!!!

I thought that the Ravens, Rooks and Jackdaws were quite organised in their fly-pasts. When they rose en masse from the burnt out ruins, I should have known something was not quite ordinary about this place…

watch this space!




12 thoughts on “The Dark Knight rises…

  1. I cannot even comprehend how amazing it would have been to live in that structure during the time it was built. I wonder if it would have felt the same for the inhabitants back then.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

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  2. Hello Steve, thank you for visiting my latest post, I hope there was something useful in what the Tarot showed me that day — I don’t choose the cards for the posts, I trust what comes for the occasion. Since I’ve been reading for blog posts, the cards that come for the occasion have been a tremendous surprise — relevant in the microcosm and macrocosm.

    I have visited Scotland, Wales and England. Certainly Ireland must be “in the cards” someday. Meanwhile, I’ll look forward to all the photos and stories you will share. This photo of Duckett Grove Castle with the birds making visible the swirling spirit of wind promises to delight in whichever direction you take it. I can’t wait.

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