Belfast child.



The term often confuses me.

They say it’s where the heart is.

A place where no matter how far away from it you go,

you long to return.

So what does it mean if you don’t assume this empathy?

What if yes, you are always drawn back,

but always seem detached from it?

What if you are happier from a distance?


The home of your childhood is just a myth.

For it’s never the same when you go back.

If home is truly where the heart is.

Then surely, that is where it is at present.

Not to diminish or blur the infinite bond to family and past.

But to create new memories for heart and mind.

Intriguing how the heart and mind often conflict, isn’t it?



(The image above is of the city of Belfast, Ireland. I was born here. This was taken last week from the seventh floor of the Royal Victoria Hospital).