‘Nimoy’, a word for humanity

Fascinating’  1-sligo rd rocks bw

 It is when a child’s words seem to make more sense,

than those on which the adult’s arguments are based.

It’s when nature reminds us that we aren’t really on top of this planet.

The force of the sea, or the power of the wind.

‘Fascinating’ is when science grows a living organ in a test tube…

because the whole body wouldn’t fit!

It’s when technology makes a paralyzed man walk and run like a robot.

‘Fascinating’ remains the human emotions lost on a Vulcan.

The unpredictable, unstoppable and irreplaceable moments of sadness.

When an eleven year old child in New York City huddles in a black plastic bag,

homeless, half-naked and desperate for someone to show compassion, in minus 15 degrees Celsius.

It’s when after an hour of people stepping over and around him, some shouting at him, some stopping,

shaking  their heads in disgust…only to walk on.

It’s when the first person to engage with this poor child, gave him the coat off his back,

and the little cash he had in his pocket.

It’s when you find out that he too is homeless and desperate,

yet he was the only one to stop and love.

Fascinating‘ how many of us must be Vulcan?

Encouraging that some of us are still ‘Human’.

(This was inspired by a short clip of a social experiment in NYC by three brothers. Brought tears of sadness to ireland2day.

But reignited my quest to be ‘Human’. Here is the link if you are brave enough to question your own ‘Humanity’)



5 thoughts on “‘Nimoy’, a word for humanity

  1. It really is often those of us who have had nothing that understand that it might be better to share a coat than to have one of use being naked. I am in better shape now, than I was then, however I am still disabled and I still live in housing. I wish that I had the means to share what was shared with me, and I feel sad when I do not have enough to do so. It is upsetting too, the ideas of what a human is, and perspectives and expectations within each of us keep us from knowing what to do, how to assist, to figure if what we think is the help, is the help that is needed and to be sensitive that it might not be wanted at all should we offer. I have found that when I wish to help, especially with someone who appears to be homeless or living outside, it helps that I introduce myself and ask if it is ok for me to offer. Then, sometimes I share where I have been, and I state that I am feeling selfish because I am remember what things were like when I was homeless and I couldn’t bear not to come to ask them. I hate that I assume a person is homeless or ‘needy’ based upon what I see. I hate that if I do not ask, some of it is my shame at the assumption.

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    1. So once again it’s only those who have been there, that offer the most reasoned approach. To ask if it’s ‘ok to offer your help’, makes both you, and the other person feel human.

      You are a nice person dealing with your past, within your ‘present’ by the sounds of it. I wish you well Elisa. steVe


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