The Great 'Grey'
The Great ‘Grey’

The Grey Herron is very common along most rivers and lakes around Ireland. It’s a huge bird in flight and deadly on the hunt. It’s dagger-like beak pierces into the unsuspecting fish with immense accuracy.

Standing for hours in an elegant pose, awaiting its chosen dish. A lot of patience and effort goes into its daily hunt.

I deduct marks from this great bird for two reasons:

1. It will put in so much effort to get food, only to give it up to the first tiny crow that squawks at it. For such a large bird…it has no spine.

2. It is so damn ugly!

The new kid on the block is the ‘Little Egret‘. Similar in stature, smaller, brilliant white in colour and so much nicer to look at. I have yet to snap that little guy. A bird that has just recently become an Irish resident.

But if the opportunity arises…