Facing up to time


Do you see a clock face, or a reflection of time?

A face from the past, or even a future you’re yet to endure?

But you can’t see the future surely.

If you could actually move the hands forward in time…

what time would you set it to?

What would you rather miss?


Bad times could be skipped of course.

The regrets, mistakes and mishaps.

But skip the good times too?

The births, and birthdays,

the weddings and celebrations.

All the new people, and the those you know well.


I guess time should be suffered,

for good and for bad.

It’s just not so easy choosing what to do with it.


Time does heal wounds,

but it causes a few too.


Sometimes it works out a bit differently than planned.

Sometimes it seems to run away with itself.. and you.

Sometimes it stands still, or needs winding-up.


Sometimes you’re stuck in a moment…

and you just can’t get out of it!


Question: How do you see time?




(The painting in the background is by Irish artist a Terry Bradley. It takes pride of place in my living room)








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