As Irish and semi-Irish celebrated the great day the world over, those of us actually living on the island had our own ways of marking it.

The young and foolish hit the various towns and cities for the single reason of getting drunk in a sea of green…and Guinness. Loud music and something uniquely Irish called…craic. Better known as good old-fashioned fun!

In a previous life we have also experienced the endless reservoir of stout also known as Dublin City. Today we leave it to the lout’s and the tramps as they do their best to trash the very city the tourist have come to see.

For us it’s now about enlightening the two boys of the history and myth that has reached around the globe, turning the most famous statues, the highest buildings and most renowned landmarks and waterfalls green for a day.

We brought them to a place synonymous with the Saint himself…Armagh. We took in the parade and the open-air concert. We watched the tourists being interviewed by Irish TV before enjoying a quieter pint of the black stuff in front of an open fire, in a traditional pub and restaurant on the beautiful shores of Lough Neagh.


Celtic soul!
Celtic soul!
Irish wolf hound
Local lass in traditional dress