The day the sun went crazy

1-IMG_4212Today we folk of the Emerald Isle went dark in a most unaccustomed fashion…a solar eclipse!

It’s amazing what your lens will throw back at you when you’re not ready for a shot. You see I knew about the eclipse for some time and had whipped my two boys into an expecting frenzy about “The day I will make the sun disappear”!

Yes the force is strong with me, but  soon the boys will be too old to spout such claims of God-like Dad powers.

The mornings are bright now at 6.30, and I awake the boys each school day fully expecting a grunt or growl in return. But this morning the first words from boy number two were “Todays the day the sun goes dark, right Dad”?

I didn’t want to disappoint him by telling him of the latest weather forecast…much cloud.  But as we drove to school it became apparent that Dad didn’t have to make the sun disappear… as it was never visible in the first place.

So I dropped them off at school and continued my journey to the hospital where my mum has been for three weeks now. I pulled into the car park and made my way to the main building. A glass fronted structure with a bit of height.

Much like our ancestor’s of old, the people started to gather in amazement, looking at the reflection of the Sun in the darkened windows. Yes, for the most vital moments of the eclipse, the clouds parted, and the people starred.

I had my camera with me and took what shot I could. The results were not amazing as you can see, but I do like the dramatic look of the cover shot…a bit StarTrek I think?


The above shot was taken half way through the moon’s passage, just before the day became an eerie, dull, windless environment akin to a moment in a horror film.

It really was eerie!










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