I’ve just ‘clocked’ it…

Not Cold play. Good play!
Not Cold play. Good play!

I have finally found just one interesting thing about Chris Martin from the group Cold Play…

We in Ireland, and our neighbour’s in the UK, must now forgo an hours sleep this Sunday as we ‘Spring forward’ our clocks by one hour from 1am on Sunday morning.

And…wait for it..we have Chris Martin’s great-great grandad to thank for it!  Ha, ‘Clocks’ I get it!

Yes it was none other than the ‘bland-one’s’ ancestor Wiliam Willett that came up with the suggestion.


He figured that we were wasting too many daylight hours in summer as we slept through the first few hours in the mornings. So he proposed moving the clocks forward in March to make better use of the light provided by the great big yellow ball in the sky.

Not a bad idea I suggest. Why then did those in  authority wait until a year after he died before making it so?

Ah well, thanks for the longer days anyway!

Now about your Great, great grandson…

Disclaimer: I can’t speak for all music lovers in Ireland, it’s my personal opinion that Cold Play suck. But I did see them live and I’m sure I speak for a fair few 😛




2 thoughts on “I’ve just ‘clocked’ it…

  1. I haven’t any particular feelings about Cold Play and whether their music (or their frontman) sucks or not, but I’m in the camp that thinks Daylight Savings Time sucks. So maybe I’m not a fan of that family either.

    I’m not really so bothered by the concept of semi-annual clock-changing itself, but by the annoyance and inconvenience of having to make the clock changes twice a year in an age when artificial lighting and automation mean that there’s no work/rest benefit anymore—we’re just stealing time from one end of the day to paste onto the other end of it now. I live a little closer to the equator than you nowadays (Texas), but grew up in a similar climate to yours (western Washington state, not too far from the Canadian border), where I treasured every bit of daylight I could find, yet I still got irritated by having to “lose” an hour of my morning sleep every year … apparently I’m very slow to give up a grudge! ;)


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