1-IMG_4325This is possibly one of the best shots I’ve ever taken.

My son catching bubbles. A big one rested on his hand for a millisecond, and then…POP!

Totally ‘real-time’, no photoshop or any other programs of manipulation. As it happened, right in front of me, just a bit of enhancing, but a real photograph!

Our house’s reflection is perfectly captured in the bubbles. Again…real.

I’m not totally against Photoshop and the others. I just think it stops being a photograph, and becomes an image. And that’s fine for commercial reasons, and some are fantastic.

I’m just in the true photography camp I think.

(still learning too)




20 thoughts on “Pop!

  1. beautiful and amazing photo! i’m in the enhancing photos camp. my camera is old and doesn’t take sharp photos and the photos are dull in color so i like to clear them up and enhance the color just a bit – it used to bother me but then i said what the heck! it’s just me and i’m not a professional. and as long as i like it that’s all that matters. to each his or her own!!! :)

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  2. Exactly what a photograph should be. A life-moment captured as it happens with no artificial add-ons. I’m strictly amatuer, with an older digital camera, no special lens and a basic desire to make a “catch” like your’s strictly for my own pleasure and for anyone who wants to look and resonate to the sight. Good work and congrats.

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