Return of the king…

Swallow in flight

King of flight.

In Ireland and the UK we never really feel that spring has arrived until the Swallows return from their winter holidays in Africa. Every year I look to the skies in anticipation of the ‘King of Flight’.

Today was that day, as I returned from a 450 mile round trip to Tipperary, yes it really is a long way, back to home. Basking in sunshine, sipping wine over dinner on the deck. I heard a familiar but recently absent Twitter.

The King has returned…long live summer!


4 thoughts on “Return of the king…

  1. What a beautiful bird! Thanks for shring the photo. I looked up your Irish swallow and it is the same species (Hirundo rustica) as our barn swallow here in New Jersey, USA. We, too, await the spring arrival of swallows- barn, bank, tree, cliff, rough-winged, and purple martins, as well as my favorite non-swallows: chimney swifts. Our birds winter in Central and South America. I spotted a few martins and tree swallows last weekend, before winter weather returned. Still watching for swifts. Happy spring!

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