The hunter outside (part II)


Silhouettes of the black Ravens and the Jackdaws guarding their newly built nests, cut a definitive outline against the blue sky.

Beyond them again we watched the Buzzard (Hawk) soaring high and proud. I have witnessed the ‘Dark Knights’ being fooled by this stealthy warrior many times before. It’s nesting season and the guards are on high alert.

Surely they won’t be fooled again.

As I got closer I lost sight of the hunter circling, but could hear his shrill cries. So could they!

The scouts were despatched towards the one who has delivered many a quick end to the newborn crows in their nests before.

You would think that they would have learned by now!

I was now right underneath the large, unguarded twig structures, and quickened my pace to get to the clearing to watch the arial battle commence in the distance.

I too should have known better by now.

The decoy bird of prey had done his job perfectly.

I, like the crows, focused on the noisy one in the distance just as his mate made her low-level approach into the nursery right above me.

Unguarded, and at the mercy of the hunter, any unsuspecting victim would surely meet a grizzly end.

Alas the killers had arrived too soon. The nests have yet to sound out with the cries of the young. But perhaps this was a trial run. They are very coy birds.

Another month or so and the end result may well be very different.

I’m just glad I had my camera set to capture the sun at the back of this mighty bird.

The saga in the woods continues…



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