“That’s no moon…



That’s a space station”!

Well ok it’s neither.

But now that the new StarWars teaser trailers are whipping sci-fi fans into a frenzy, this is what we say every time we pass under this mighty structure in Belfast.

As a point of interest, they shot a few scenes for the new movie on an island off the south coast if Ireland last year. They also held casting auditions in Dublin.

The three boys in our house can’t wait!



3 thoughts on ““That’s no moon…

  1. I’m going to share that I share the love of Star Wars with you! My mother had an xray about 10 years ago that showed a cyst on her pancreas. I saw it and said – “That’s no moon, that’s a space station” in front of her and her doctor. They didn’t get it. {sigh} Thankfully the cyst was removed and mom is fine and turned 81 last month. LOL.

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