Outrunning ghosts



This must have been a long, cold and uncomfortable walk to an end unknown.

No longer used to sneak those convicted of murder and strife beneath the road. But it forever remains ‘the tunnel of no return’ between the courthouse and the old Crumlin Road Gaol in Belfast. The only one that housed the unfortunate few who met their end by way of the hang-man.

The drop instantly ended the life of the man or woman tricked into that small dark room in ‘C wing’.  All but two are still buried within the walls of the jail.

More than a few visitor’s have heard voices, and witnessed visions of a grey suited man stalking the tunnel even today.

Our visit was mostly uneventful. That was until a loud clanging noise at the door at the end of the tunnel  sent a formally brave seven-year old running so fast his feet hardly touched the ground!

He didn’t notice his brother throwing the rock!




5 thoughts on “Outrunning ghosts

      1. Thanks. This site in new. I’m using it as a kind of re-blogging travelogue that I can turn to for inspiration. I’m a sucker for ghost stories – always wonder what the true stories behind might be. I loved your article. It immediately made me imagine ghosts seeking justice.

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