Ireland’s message to the world…


Modern power struggle s
Modern power struggle s in Ireland
Momentous is a word I don’t brandish about too much regarding news events.

But two events this week promised to add nails to the coffins of an Ireland caught in the dark ages.

The first one involved the meeting of two foes historically ferocious in their opposition and ideological differences. The future king of Protestant England, and the President of the political front of the Irish Republican Army. Both men suffered personally from the acts of the other.

Hundreds of years of English oppression and partition of Ireland, the reason behind the hatred and killing on one side. The obligation of the British Empire to stand by its past decisions, mistakes and atrocities on the other.

No more will the guns rule politics and society in Ireland…that coffin is now nailed shut!

The second society-changing decision was for society itself to make. But specifically in the Republic part of Ireland. For hundreds of years the influence of the Catholic church on political decisions and society norms was unstoppable and indisputable.

The rite of marriage for those of a gay or lesbian persuasion is threatening to finally remove the stranglehold on society that the church has always had.

Ireland has just become the first country in the World to change its constitution to give equal marriage rights to same sex couple’s, despite the protestations of the church and Christian groups.

Arguments from the ‘No’ camp suggest that same sex parents provide an inferior family environment for children.

The ‘Yes’ camp argue that love is love and family is family. Equality for all must mean equality for Gays’ too. Heterosexual couples become surrogate and foster parents too. What’s the difference?

The ‘Yes’ vote has won!

The stranglehold of the church on Irish society is finally at an end.

A lot of nails in coffins this week!



3 thoughts on “Ireland’s message to the world…

  1. It would be far too ironic to say “Amen” so let’s just ratify a new status by professing to be truly Brothers at a human level and try to live peacefully. Thanks for sharing this.

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