…in the past week I’ve said…”I didn’t know that”.


1. I didn’t know that same-sex marriage would be legalised in Ireland.

2. I didn’t know that ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ in America would declare that apparently  ‘God Hates The Irish’. (In reaction to number one)

3. I didn’t know that U2 guitarist  ‘The Edge’, would fall off stage in Vancouver during the first night of their world tour.

4. I didn’t know that the woodpecker would be seen in Ireland for the first time in 80 years.

5. I didn’t know that Northern Ireland’s ‘First Minister‘ would suffer a heart attack…and live.

6. I didn’t know that Ireland’s most loved sports presenter Bill O’ Herlihy would suffer a heart attack…and die.

7. I didn’t know that the top temperature this week would be 20 degrees Celsius.

8.  I didn’t know that Ireland would fail to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest. (Again)

9.  I didn’t know that Prince Charles (British Royal), would shake the hand of Gerry Adams (Irish Republican).

10. I didn’t know that my ‘ireland2day‘ blog would be nominated for the ‘Versitile Blogger Award’. (For the second time).

So…now I know!

(Photo taken last week in Co.Wexford)