How many times…


 …in the past week I’ve said…”I didn’t know that”.


1. I didn’t know that same-sex marriage would be legalised in Ireland.

2. I didn’t know that ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ in America would declare that apparently  ‘God Hates The Irish’. (In reaction to number one)

3. I didn’t know that U2 guitarist  ‘The Edge’, would fall off stage in Vancouver during the first night of their world tour.

4. I didn’t know that the woodpecker would be seen in Ireland for the first time in 80 years.

5. I didn’t know that Northern Ireland’s ‘First Minister‘ would suffer a heart attack…and live.

6. I didn’t know that Ireland’s most loved sports presenter Bill O’ Herlihy would suffer a heart attack…and die.

7. I didn’t know that the top temperature this week would be 20 degrees Celsius.

8.  I didn’t know that Ireland would fail to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest. (Again)

9.  I didn’t know that Prince Charles (British Royal), would shake the hand of Gerry Adams (Irish Republican).

10. I didn’t know that my ‘ireland2day‘ blog would be nominated for the ‘Versitile Blogger Award’. (For the second time).

So…now I know!

(Photo taken last week in Co.Wexford)





11 thoughts on “How many times…

      1. WBC hates everyone worth knowing. If you’ve earned their hatred, you’re doing something right! Great post. I’ve learned something new now, too.

        Liked by 1 person

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