They’re watching!


Can I shoot down a drone?

I hear that Top Gun 2 is on its way…hurray! ┬áThen I’m told that I was 13yrs old when the first one came out nearly 30 years ago…crap I’m getting old! The same Tom Cruise, no seriously, he nearly looks the same. But he’s more likely to be shooting drones than bogies in the shape of MIGS in this new film in an attempt to keep it more like reality no doubt.

Yes these winged terrors are dividing opinion in the parks and beaches of Ireland. From model plane enthusiasts to video photographers to criminals, we can’t be sure who is at the controls, or indeed who is watching you.

Now the mule of choice for criminal gangs trying to drop drugs into the jails, so far thwarted by telephone wires and such, but they will keep trying.

By law in (ROI) you can’t use cameras on them and need a licience to operate one. Just as well no one breaks the law here right!

Between the satellites, CCTV cameras, camera phones and the drones, what’s left for us photographers?

I guess they really are watching!