Dusk descends


As I drove home this evening through the rolling fields of Ulster, this one caught my snapper’s eye.

It was as if the tree was dropped from a great height, only for the fields to cushion its fall. The sun was beginning to set and the colours were quite the picture of summer.

I used a blue filter on monochrome which seemed to suit the natural tones that framed the scene.

Today was just another manic Monday with me travelling from Belfast to Dublin and back. The sun was shinning but the summer heat still eludes us. It does stick around a bit longer though, not setting until nearly ten o’clock.

I also got in a game of football this evening before settling down to watch Game of Thrones on TV.

Not a bad start to the week I guess.





5 thoughts on “Dusk descends

  1. beautiful shot, SteVe… I love the blue filter… gives it a bit of a misty look and you are right, it does look like the hill are cushioning the tree.

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