Hey it’s Friday and my little black van and I have parked up for another week.

The working week started off cool, wet and breezy on Monday, gradually picking up and plateauing on Thursday in glorious sunshine.  Today’s high of 21 degrees Celsius was most welcome, although it is now clouding over. I may barbecue all the same, and will most certainly enjoy a cold beer…already am actually!

My travels took me from the ‘Irish Sea’ coast on the east, through the heart of Ireland to the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ on the west.

Field at dusk
Field at dusk

Mondays shot of a field at dusk was from closer to home. The signs of a nice week were there to see. Tuesday’s are usually a dull affair and are usually a travel day for me. My appointments were cancelled so I could take my time going coast to coast.

This gave me the opportunity to go off-piste a bit, and it paid off with the discovery of this impressive waterfall in Co.Leitrim. I’ll no doubt post a couple of shots from here next week.


The week in the news was pretty much dominated by the ongoing affairs at FIFA. Ireland is a football mad country and the corruption within the worlds’ leading football association was of great interest. Especially when it was revealed that we were apparently open to pay-offs as well. The big game this weekend is in Dublin between our Celtic cousins Scotland, and the the Republic of Ireland.

Some day I’ll do a post on why supporting football in this country is so complicated, given that I live in Northern Ireland…but support Republic of Ireland.

But hey, that’s us Irish for ya!

Hope you have a great weekend guys, girls and, eer…chickens?