A beautiful start…


The boat cast ashore…just barely.

It’s master’s footprints tell no story at all.

The reeds mask the full extent of the plot unfolding, or untold.

Tyres lay tired… unhinged and free.

Always under the black mountain’s gaze, but never in full view.

Today’s catch is safely in grasp.

 Tomorrow ‘s challenge has yet to show it’s hand.

As a new week prepares to dawn.

What’s done is done and what’s gone is gone.

Ready to sail and set caution to the wind?

You alone are the master.

A beutiful chance to cast your shadow on the world.



FYI : Ireland 1 – Scotland 1

 Advantage Scotland.



9 thoughts on “A beautiful start…

  1. A storyteller from fishing people tells a story of the old man who learned to say no. One day, when the old man took his boat out to the watery realm of the sea, he accidentally caught a magical silver fish who was a mother, and who offered to grant him a wish if he would let her go back to the sea to her children. He was in awe and apologetically set the fish free without asking anything in return. When he told his usually quiet old wife the day’s story, she became upset. She ordered the old man to find the fish again and ask for a bigger house, which she received. But she was not happy. She sent the old man back again to ask to make her king, pope, and subsequently God. On the last request, the magic fish appeared to the old man bleeding and half-dead and stated that the last request was too much, and to finally tell the wife no. When the old man returned that time, his life and his wife were as before, humble and simple. The storyteller interprets the story towards understanding creativity and other magical qualities from the watery realm of the psyche and the soul. They have a deep potential to transform and gratify the self and the world, but exploiting them for nothing more than wealth and status disrupts their natural order. Therefore knowledge of and boundaries regarding that realm are needed.

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