The fallen children

Tears of the forest
Ireland2day cries for her fallen children. Thousands of miles west of this island, tragedy has cast its dark shadow over thirteen Irish families now in Berkeley, California, to visit their dead and injured children.

Six young Irish students were killed as the balcony they were standing on collapsed. Seven others are seriously injured. The builders of the apartment blocks have a lot to answer for as it looks pretty clear that it is down to bad workmanship.

America, the land of dreams, seems the land of broken hearts this week. Additional  heartache today for nine other American families in Charleston, North Carolina, with the crazy gun culture and racism to blame this time.

Every now and then we are reminded that the decisions we make in an instance, have potentially everlasting consequences.



8 thoughts on “The fallen children

  1. This story of tragedy(ies) reminds me of why people are said to be “never the same again” after trauma. On the one hand, the families came to America, on the other hand, their children died there. How does anything in life feel meaningful after that?

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  2. So sorry for Ireland’s loss. Unfortunately it is an old story… shave the expenses, sell the product, then with the money we made and paid the liability insurance companies, we pay the losses out of the profits….after all, who can talley the cost of a human life in dollars and cents. No worries,mate.
    The land of dreams also offers a landscape of nightmares. Value systems are indeed upside down.
    Peace to you and yours.

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