Something cuddly to start the week!

My dog 'Storm' when he was a pup.
My dog ‘Storm’ when he was a pup.
Who can resist a ‘Storm in a Teacup’?

I’ve decided start the week on a light, positive and colourful note so I’m going with a couple of older photos.

last week started so depressing, and was only rescued by my sons’ birthday. To all those who sent the kind comments, both he and I thank you sincerely. He enjoyed the flattery but I’ll need to remind him that he’s not actually that adorable…just to keep his head on the planet!

Who you looking at!
Who you looking at!

It was also Father’s Day, we had a nice breakfast at home followed by a visit to my Dad. This was followed by lunch in a Cuban cafe/bar (nice rum) and then back home to enjoy a nice bottle of vino.

So here’s to a good week ahead for all in the blogosphere!




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