Tall vs Mighty

Tall ships docked in Belfast July 2015
Tall ships docked in Belfast July 2015
Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean, or maybe even JAWS?  What’s your favourite ocean based movie!

Ireland has a great affinity with the sea, being a small(ish) island and all that. Often the provider of food, pleasure and passage, but more often the claimer of lost souls both good and bad. Last week’s visit by the tall ships conjuring many thoughts towards the mighty sea.

Starting with the would-be Viking invaders from the north, and then the mighty British Empire from the East. This island was fancied by both the French and the Spanish as a way to stop the British on their quest for world domination.

In peace time the sea has claimed many ships off its coast, such as the Titanic to the far west. In war it claimed many a U-Boat  as the British, Canadian and American naval fleet launched attacks using mines, ships and flying boats from the bases in Northern Ireland.

Just don’t tell the Germans about the secret agreement allowing Allied fleets over the ‘neutral’  Republic of Ireland airspace, particularly over County Donegal.

The wreck of the Lusitania torpedoed by the Germans in 1916 was yet another donation to the mighty sea.

Still, you can’t beat a good movie on the high seas for drama right?

I’ll go with ‘The hunt for Red October’ or ‘Cast Away‘ as favourites.





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