Walking through history


From JFK to the United Irishmen and the Red Coats. When delving  into one’s past it is best to leave yourself open to historical facts rather than one’s opinion.

After a short break in Co.Wexford with the family, I’ll return my attention to the blog again with an insight into the rebellious history of this island, as well as the origins of an Irish family that was to produce an American dynasty with tragic episodes.

Events that would create American history and the foundations of the society in Ireland. Even today in the North of Ireland, particularly in this fortnight in July, every year the consequences of past outcomes is felt to various degrees…depending greatly on your own upbringing, religion, and of course…exactly who your neighbours are!

The images this week will be from Enniscorthy, and New Ross Co.Wexford. Header image:  My wife enjoying the John F Kennedy homestead and museum. Main image: Descending the stairwell behind the kids and my wife in Enniscorthy castle.

I hope you enjoy the posts this week!



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