The Stars, they made no noise?

Thousands of KPH of complete silence.
Thousands of KPH of complete silence. Not a comet but very high, fast and strangely silent.
As a rare treat he got to stay up past bedtime.

It’s not often a seven-year old gets to see a comet shower above him.

As darkness fell and the first stars revealed themselves, the boy got impatient.

“Where are they Dad”? he said over and over.  He might as well have been saying  are we there yet, are we there yet!

“How will we know it’s a shooting star Dad”?  “Is that one”?

“That’s a satellite son”.

“Is it really”?

“Yip, just keep watching it creeping snail-like, silently across the sky”.

Just then a fox let out a cry in the distance. Followed by the sound of a car in the very distant.

Its amazing what you hear after midnight in the countryside.

A small critter rustling in the field made both of us turn.

Back to looking at the satellite but it was fading as it went towards the sunny side of the planet.

Then Whoosh! The sky lit up as a shooting star streaked from North to South.

“Wow, now that was a shooting star dad, right”!

One… and then two at a time they started as if someone decided to let off the fireworks.

After twenty minutes I dragged him away to tuck him into bed.

On the way up the stairs he had one final question.

“Why couldn’t we hear the bangs dad”?

“I’ll explain the Big Bang theory another time son”.







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