Somewhere in Co.Wexford.
Somewhere in Co.Wexford.
This is the scene right now all across Ireland.

Farmers watching the weather forecast with great interest, and when the time is right, as if communicated to by some sort of telepathic singnal…it’s all go!

If you live in the countryside, as I’m lucky to do, you will hear these guy’s going at it until the wee hours of the morning. It all depends on if tomorrow’s weather is good, and whether the next day is as good, better, or worse.

You might get this crop shaped in structures of squares, rectangles or cylinder. But when the winter comes, and it surely will, the sheep and cattle won’t care if it’s triangular or arrow, or shapes filled with obtuse angles and parallel lines. It’s food all the same.

The dairy farmers in Ireland are suffering at the moment with surplus milk and low prices in the supermarkets. The long-term forecast for them is quite good however so I’m not going to cry too much on their behalf.

Seriously, if they are not keeping me back in their tractors they are overtaking me in their BMW’s!