And tomorrow ‘Autumn’ will ‘Fall’

Hover fly
Hover fly
Goodbye Summer!

Although you were never really here this year. I’ll give you next year to redeem yourself!

Photo series: Within twenty feet of my back door.


7 thoughts on “And tomorrow ‘Autumn’ will ‘Fall’

  1. What do you mean Summer was never really here this year? 0_0 If you mean that we didn’t get enough break then I’m totally with you, but the weather was horribly hot my face melted off >.< Like arright Summer I geddit you're here, you've made your point.

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      1. Oh my god we’d love some rain! Which part of our great Earth do you live in?
        I couldn’t go out for a week or so because of how hot it was >.<

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      2. Well I live in Egypt and summer here keeps getting hotter and hotter >.< winter keeps starting later and when it finally comes it freezes our noses off -.-

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  2. I like the pic but am not crazy about the sentiment. I’m sad summer is over. Eager of course for autumn but still saddened by its end. The year tends to gain rapid speed somehow once September hits. I’m not ready for that momentum quite yet.

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