And tomorrow ‘Autumn’ will ‘Fall’

Hover fly
Hover fly
Goodbye Summer!

Although you were never really here this year. I’ll give you next year to redeem yourself!

Photo series: Within twenty feet of my back door.



7 thoughts on “And tomorrow ‘Autumn’ will ‘Fall’

  1. What do you mean Summer was never really here this year? 0_0 If you mean that we didn’t get enough break then I’m totally with you, but the weather was horribly hot my face melted off >.< Like arright Summer I geddit you're here, you've made your point.

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      1. Oh my god we’d love some rain! Which part of our great Earth do you live in?
        I couldn’t go out for a week or so because of how hot it was >.<

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      2. Well I live in Egypt and summer here keeps getting hotter and hotter >.< winter keeps starting later and when it finally comes it freezes our noses off -.-

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