Had a deep conversation with a guy in a bar the other day. He had had a few beers, I was only there for one drink, but I was treated to his story anyway.

He had just returned to Ireland after living abroad, split up from his wife and was a bit short on cheer.

He was totally perplexed about where it all went wrong. “I tried so hard to make it perfect”. He figured that if he could have had more time to tie up that one last loose thread it might have worked.

Now the thing about giving advice in a bar is that it really sounds good at the time but rarely makes sense in the morning. However I left him with the following words of wisdom…

“No matter how much effort you put into something.

No matter how hard you try.

Perfection is very rarely within our grasp.

So why focus on that one small flaw that may exist?

Human nature I’m afraid”.

And with this I strutted away from this poor man who now looked even more perplexed than when we first met.

Bars are great fun when you’re sober 😊


Photo: Badminton net in my back garden.