Down with the week


A view to 'Bee-hold'
A view to ‘Bee-hold’

This week began with the boys doing boy stuff in the back garden , creating a wooden monster from an old pallet as I chopped a few trees down. The storms last year took care of a few and these ones were next I feared.IMG_6472

A motorway stop offered up a glimpse into the past with these old timers on their way to a vintage car rally.


Lunch on Tuesday was taken by the roadside on the shores of Co.Down. A hunting Bird of Prey (Buzzard-hawk) produced a welcome bit of excitement. I don’t fancy the Seagull’s chances here!IMG_6486

A day that summer would be proud of as a bee takes in the same view as I did.  The splendid ‘Mountains of Mourne’ was the back-drop.IMG_6539

The local fishing village of Kilkeel was on my route as well. The fishermen certainly don’t get it this easy every day here. IMG_6507Well that all so far this week from me. Hope your week has been interesting too.




7 thoughts on “Down with the week

  1. It was a delight to start my morning so very far away. Traveling strange new roads. Living in the moment. The simply joy of watching a bumblebee going about his business, and then watching the intriguing fishing boat.

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      1. William Christopher is Father M. and Father M. is William Christopher. He was utterly charming, down to earth, self effacing and a wonderful man to simply sit and talk about everything under the sun. It was an important moment in ours lives.


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